OK, every week now we have been having some great discussions at IMPACT. We have been discussing sublects that are relevant to our teenagers.

One day I just asked the kids... "What questions have you always had concerning being a Christian or the bible, but were too afraid to ask? I promply received over 40 questions.

Wow, I was not prepared for the questions! Here has been just a few.

What type music is ok to listen to?

What does God think of homosexuality?

What if people in other countries never hear the Gospel? Will they still be saved?

How should I dress? How does that compare to culture?

I must say that it has been challenging and great! What does the scripture say concerning such things? We have dertermined to be like the Bereans of old. "to search the scriptures, whether these things be so". God has revealed much to us through His word. Every week is a new topic!

Come and discover God's word with us!!